When I was a high school student I dreamed of the day I would graduate and be free of a structured learning environment. As my friends were browsing college pamphlets and filling out applications, I was focused on turning my part-time minimum wage job into a full-time one. I didn’t want to have to wait four more years to make money; I wanted it now.

About a year or two after graduation it hit me. I was stuck. I worked fifty hours a week at a fast food restaurant and could barely make ends meet. My job made me miserable. I didn’t feel like my work had value. With very little opportunity to move up it looked like I would be living paycheck to paycheck for the rest of my life.

Then my old high school classmates started graduating from college. Social media was flooded with their posts of new shiny degrees. Their faces were glowing and full of hope for the future. They would never know what it felt like to stand on their feet for ten hours a day flipping burgers for a minuscule paycheck. I had always been a hard worker, but I had not made the smartest decisions concerning my education.

I decided something had to change. I took the tests to get into college that I had avoided in high school. I filled out the mountains of paperwork and as each step was completed I felt like I was moving in the right direction. For the first time I had a plan. I applied to the local university. When my acceptance letter came I was filled with excitement and disbelief. I could not believe I was a college student.

Now as I work towards a degree in business, I feel better than ever about my decision. I’m a much better student than I ever was before. I know what I’m working towards. Soon I will have a real career making real money. More importantly, I will enjoy my job. During late night cram sessions I remind myself what it feels like to be trapped in minimum wage job. I hope anyone who is still in that situation will take the leap of faith and seek higher education. It is worth it.

beyond happy


The elephant in the room that everyone seems to skim over when talking about education is the financial side. Getting your education can produce a life filled with financial abundance and stability in the long run. According to statistics, individuals that don’t have their high school diploma make a little over $14,000 in a year. On the flip side of that, individuals who have a Doctorate degree will earn almost $90,000 per year in income.

These two difference in cash flow, although they don’t seem drastic, have a huge impact on how a person is able to live their life. The difference in these financial brackets gives one person freedom, and the other person burden. Seeking an education starts you on a road that leads you to bigger and better things. Financial abundance is nice, but it ultimately can’t bring you true happiness. Having a career and a good paying job affords you opportunity in life to experience new things. Humans are creatures that want to experience novel concepts on a regular basis – money provides that. Money seems to never be important to individuals until they don’t have enough of it!


The true beauty of education comes in the form of logic and reasoning. When you learn to approach your life in a methodical manner, a calm sets over you. You can rest assured that the rest of your life will come easier in the sense that you can deal with problems as they arise. High levels of education stand on the basis of being able to de-construct problems and issues and solve them in a linear progression.

Think of logic and reasoning in the way that a computer does: Input comes into your life (positive or negative scenarios) and your software (your mind) breaks that issue down into smaller pieces. From there, you can create small micro-steps in which to take on a consistent basis to address the issue at hand.

Not only does education help you solve problems, it helps you in your personal life also. People who have the ability to approach things in an educated manner promote an aura of positivity. It helps you connect with people on a deeper level and even helps address issues in relationships. As you can see, education isn’t about being able to memorize text in a book, it’s about exploring life!


Achieving a degree is something that I have wanted for a long time. Knowing that I am working toward that goal now causes me to feel all jittery and happy inside. My life will be changed forever once I have the degree that I want. I can’t keep the smile from my face as I think about the doors that will be opened to me. I know that I am going to be a different person once I have graduated and I have my degree. I know that I am going to make a new life for myself and that I have something to celebrate. I am certain that I have good things ahead of me.

When I have my degree and I am able to get the job that I want there won’t be anyone who can hold me back from my future. I will be smiling and I will take hold of all that is to come. This life of mine is going to be forever changed, and I am eager to see it happen. I know that I will be able to get the kind of job that I want and that I will be able to earn the wage that I want, and I will be happy forever.


In my life nothing has ever come on a silver platter.In the morning I had to rush to the stream fetch water, milk and feed the cattle then later race to school. The school was not far from my home so I managed to arrive on time. Despite all these challenges my face still lit up when I arrived in class, eager to learn.

After classes I went home to help my mother with the house chores. My mother was a farmer and my father had passed on. We had to live from hand to mouth as the farm produce was little. I was the luckiest of my three siblings to attend school. There was barely enough to buy all of us uniforms and stationary to attend school so being the eldest I was considered.

One day my mother fell ill, so I had to take over her responsibilities. After school and during the weekend I had so much to do that I had little time to study. At that time, rain also became scarce in our area leading to lower yields. Our source of income was tarnished and I had to stop schooling in order to cater for my family’s needs.

I worked tirelessly for people, babysitting their babies and herding their cattle while at home my siblings had no one to look to as my mother’s health was steadily deteriorating. With all this hard work we still managed to go for a day or two without a meal. At night I would get my books in the dim light of the lamp and struggle to read through my work. My thirst for education was never quenched.
All was not lost as one day our areas governor offered scholarships to the top students from the previous exam results. I was among the lucky students to benefit from this scheme. Joy melted in me as I thought of my secured degree and future career. The career that would boost my income and save my family with the light of education. My dream of being a doctor will be fulfilled and I will be able to help my siblings to get education and from my stable income I will raise my family’s living standards. I will help the poor in the society and save people’s lives through my career. Thanks to scholarship my dream will come true.